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As the leading integrated energy services company in the world, Shawcor Ltd. is responsible for protecting the integrity of operational assets in multiple global markets.

From oil and gas, petrochemical and industrial to electrical, electronic, automotive and communications, we keep operations running strong through proprietary, technology-based products, services and solutions developed by five distinct groups:

Pipeline Performance

Pipeline Performance

Advanced coating technologies and logistics services
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Integrity Management

Integrity Management

Conventional, custom and specialty NDT and inspections
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Composite Production Systems

Composite Production Systems

Pressure- and corrosion-resistant flexible composite linepipe
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Connection Systems

Connection Systems

Reliably engineered electrical products and solutions
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Oilfield Asset Management

Oilfield Asset Management

Critical asset management services and corrosion-prevention solutions
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The result? End-to-end support for every aspect of your operation.

We don’t sell commodities—we offer partnerships. From consultation through solution development and installation, we get to know your operational challenges and needs from the inside out. And we’ll even stay with you to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of your assets throughout the entirety of their lifecycle, so you’re always operating at maximum productivity and profitability.

With steady, substantial growth since the 1930s, Shawcor is now in our fifth decade as a public company and operates more than 100 manufacturing and service facilities in 25 countries around the world.



Global technologies and expertise

See more of what we do in the Shawcor overview.

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The History of Shawcor

  1. Francis E. Shaw establishes a general construction company in southwestern Ontario, and it begins its evolution.

  2. Shaw Pipe Protection Limited, a specialized pipe-coating company, is formed and introduces the "Yellow Jacket" polyethylene coating.

  3. Pipe-coating plants are established in Regina, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. The first international expansion occurs in Australia.

    Shaw Pipe Industries Ltd. is incorporated. (1968)

    Shaw Pipe Industries Ltd. converts to a public company, with common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (1969)

  4. Shaw Pipe Protection expands into the United States, participates in several international projects and introduces fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings.

  5. Shaw Pipe Industries Ltd. changes its name to Shaw Industries Ltd. to reflect the diverse nature of its growing business. (1980)

    Guardian Inspection Services Ltd. is acquired, opening doors to oil country tubular markets. (1987)

  6. Shaw Pipeline Services is formed to commercialize internally developed ultrasonic pipeline girth weld inspection technology. (1991)

    Shaw Industries enters joint venture with Dresser Industries to form Bredero Shaw, the world's largest pipe-coating business. (1996)

    Canusa-EMI acquires German-based DSG group of companies, expanding its presence into global heat-shrink markets and adopting the DSG-Canusa name worldwide. (1998)

  7. Shaw Pipeline Services acquires radiographic inspection assets and the business of Edwards Pipeline Services to strengthen its operations in the United States.

    The corporate name changes to ShawCor Ltd. (2001)

    ShawCor acquires the remaining 50 percent of its joint venture with Dresser Industries, making Bredero Shaw the world's largest pipe-coating company now fully owned by ShawCor. (2002)

    ShawCor is awarded a contract to provide pipe coatings for the Ormen Lange Pipeline Project, the world's longest subsea pipeline at 1,200 km. (2003)

    ShawCor's total consolidated revenue reaches a new record, exceeding $1.0 billion for the first time. (2005)

    ShawCor achieves record revenue and net income from continuing operations and acquires a 50 percent interest in Bredero Shaw Revestimentos de Tubos Ltda. in Brazil. (2006)

    ShawCor's chairman for the past twenty-two years, Leslie Shaw, passes away on January 17. (2007)

    Virginia Shaw becomes chair of ShawCor Ltd. on February 7. (2008)

    ShawCor acquires Flexpipe Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of flexible composite pipe used for oil and gas gathering systems, water transportation, CO2 injection and other corrosive applications. (2008)

  8. ShawCor acquires the remaining 50 percent interest in Thermotite Brasil Ltda. and BS Servicios de Injeção. (2010)

    ShawCor’s advanced subsea test facility, with the industry’s largest and most advanced simulated service vessel for the testing of offshore insulation coating, is inaugurated in Toronto, Canada. (2011)

    ShawCor acquires CSI to broaden its portfolio of shop-applied coatings and field coating services. (2011)

    ShawCor completes a court- and shareholder-approved plan of arrangement to eliminate its dual-class share structure, replacing Class A and Class B shares with a single class of common share. (2013)

    ShawCor rolls up its industry-leading companies into one and begins to operate within five specialized groups, each focused on a specific discipline. (2015)

    The spelling of the corporate name evolves to include a lowercased “c,” denoting Shawcor’s streamlined business approach and cohesive line of services. (2015)

    Shawcor gains a comprehensive line of sucker rod services, production tubing reclamation and HDPE tubing liner services with the acquisition of Flint Energy. (2015)

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