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Monetize production quickly with the speed and performance of flexible composite linepipe from Shawcor’s Composite Production Systems group.

With its quick, cost-effective installation and the ability to withstand high pressure, temperature and corrosion, you can count on your production efficiency to start strong and stay reliable for the duration of your operation. In fact, our composite linepipe has a service life of 20 years, with no need for expensive maintenance and long-term chemical inhibitor programs. Thanks to our global distribution network, technological leadership and cradle-to-grave customer service, we’re ready to not only solve your most difficult challenges but ensure maximum results at a lower cost of ownership—every time.

Look to our extensive selection of linepipe products for your next oil and gas gathering, enhanced oil recovery, CO2 injection or water transportation application.

Composite Linepipe


See how our reliable, efficient, high-performing pipe can minimize your environmental footprint and drive your bottom-line results.
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Linepipe Products

Designed, tested and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, our high-pressure, corrosion-resistant, spooled linepipe systems can provide project and lifecycle costs savings of up to 30 to 50 percent, while our HDPE pressure pipe and liners ensure complete protection against extreme conditions.
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Joining Systems

Our patent-protected crimp fitting designs enable efficient joining directly to steel lines, standard flanged connections or composite linepipe.
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We offer a range of value-added services to ensure maximum operational reliability and efficiency, including installation support, application review, troubleshooting and contractor certification.
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Standards and Qualifications

From supplier evaluation and approval to the qualification of every finished reel of pipe, quality control data is a critical component of our manufacturing process.
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Smarter Capabilities


See our group in action

Read about how our Composite Production Systems group delivered comprehensive reliability despite installation and corrosion challenges for the Atlantic Midstream Gathering System project.

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Application Review and Technical Support

See how our engineers can help you choose the correct products for your project and get valuable tips through from our technical information series.


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