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Shawcor’s proprietary crimp fittings have been engineered to efficiently and directly join to steel lines, standard flanged connections and our own composite linepipe products, as well as connect lengths of linepipe to other linepipe and equipment.

With a variety of patented fitting designs and options, you can find the precise product you need to meet your application requirements.

Spoolable composite fittings
Effectively connect FlexPipe or FlexCord Linepipe while eliminating corrosion with our flanged end fittings, pipe-to-pipe couplers and weld neck fittings. Fittings are available in electroless nickel coating, no coating or stainless steel to best serve your needs. We also supply moisture-resistant tape and anodes for cathodic protection.
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Stick composite fittings
Tested with FlexFlow Linepipe as a complete system in long-term, high-pressure tests, our FlexFuse™ couplings offer extremely reliable fitting connection.
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Composite Production Systems



From application review and technical support to contractor training and pressure monitoring services, see how Shawcor can ensure each pipeline project is executed as smoothly as possible.

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