Shawcor Leadership and Workforce

At the helm of Shawcor Ltd. is a unique collective of the industry’s top, most experienced minds.

With this expert leadership at the forefront of a fast-paced, innovative company culture, Shawcor sets the pace in creating the products, services and solutions the world depends on—as well as expanding and evolving our own operations.

Corporate officers

P.G. Robinson
Chair of the Board

S.M. Orr
President and Chief Executive Officer

G.A. Tano
Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

D.R. Ewert
Senior Vice President, Legal and Secretary


Operations management

M.J. Simmons
Group President, Integrity Management

J.A. Tabak
Group President, Composite Production Systems

H.A.A.M. Tausch
Group President, Pipeline Performance

J.R. Bronson
Group President, Oilfield Asset Management

F. Cistrone
Group President, Connection Systems

R.J. Dunn
Senior Vice President, Research and Development (R&D) and Operations

P.A. Pierroz
Senior Vice President, Business Services and Human Resources

T. Anderson
Senior Vice President, Western Hemisphere
Pipeline Performance

K.D. Reizer
Senior Vice President, Eastern Hemisphere
Pipeline Performance

C. Oudinot
Vice President
Pipeline Performance Products

B. McDonald
Vice President and General Manager
Shaw Pipeline Services

W. Johnson
Vice President and General Manager
Shawcor Inspection Services

Global workforce

With more than 8,000 talented, hand-selected employees operating in more than 25 countries worldwide, Shawcor relies on a diversity of skill sets, backgrounds and expertise to effectively run our facilities and develop our products and solutions.

In fact, the majority of our facilities are operated by employees native to the region. By embracing the local cultures, customs and values inherent to each of the countries in which we work, Shawcor enjoys the distinct advantage of seamless operations and localized knowledge.

Investor Contact

Shawcor Ltd. Headquarters
25 Bethridge Road
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 1M7 Canada

+1 416 744 5812
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