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In today’s oil and gas field, every moment of production counts. To answer operators’ needs for high performance and long-term efficiency and reliability, Shawcor has developed a complete range of high-pressure, corrosion-resistant linepipe systems.

Built to the stringent design, testing and manufacturing standards of CSA, API and ASTM and supplied on long-length continuous reels or standard length sticks, our linepipe is simple and quick to install and deploy. In fact, it can be installed in a number of ways, from plowing and trenching to surface installations and slip lining through existing failed steel pipelines.

To ensure ease of use throughout the application, Shawcor follows up with technical sales and application review processes as well as field training and support. We even enable you to lower environmental costs thanks to fewer crews, equipment and vehicles needed on site.

With more than 92 million feet (28,000 kilometers) of our linepipe technology and 130,000 fittings successfully installed throughout North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia, there’s no challenge our team of technical experts, engineers and field personnel can’t handle. See which product is best suited for the needs of your operation.

FlexPipe Linepipe (FPLP)
Spoolable, flexible linepipe made from thermoplastic liner, a helically wound reinforcement layer and an external thermoplastic jacket that effectively resists high pressure, corrosion and impact while driving down installation costs.
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FlexPipe Linepipe High Temperature (FPLP HT)
The same benefits as FlexPipe Linepipe, plus the capability to handle continuous service temperatures up to 180°F (82°C).
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FlexCord Linepipe (FCLP) 
The same benefits as FlexPipe Linepipe, with a high-strength steel-cord reinforced design to handle severe pressure cycles and pulsations generated by piston pumps.
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FlexCord Linepipe Anti-Buoyant (FCLP AB) 
The same benefits as FlexPipe Linepipe, plus the capability to be installed without adding additional weight in shallow-water applications up to 100 feet (30 meters).
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FlexFlow Linepipe (FFLP)
A larger-diameter, fully bonded composite linepipe with high flexibility, enhanced fitting reliability and excellent resistance to impact and corrosion.
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Global Poly Linepipe
Full line of HDPE pressure pipe and liners to protect against high pressure, corrosion, rod on tubing wear and more.
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Convenient packaging options allow for safe, efficient delivery and installation.
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Composite Production Systems


Proprietary protection and technology

Designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art Canadian facilities, Shawcor’s linepipe products are patented by:

United States

  • 6,889,716
  • 6,902,205
  • 7,946,629 B2
  • 8,042,252 B2
  • 9,243,727 B2
  • 9,322,495 B2


  • 2,513,506
  • 2,513,468
  • 2,562,823


  • 1,592,908


  • 2010217166
  • 2012339553

Gulf Cooperation Council

  • GC-0003910


  • 201080017488.9

Additional patents are pending.


Application Review and Technical Support

See how our engineers can help you choose the correct products for your project and get valuable tips through from our technical information series.


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