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Occidental Petroleum Pipe Project

Midland, Texas | Composite Production Systems


When other pipe couldn’t handle the pressure, our pipe delivered profits.

After having issues with pipe on new well flowline applications in the Permian Basin, Occidental Petroleum Corporation needed an alternative solution—so they turned to the Composite Production Systems group at Shawcor.

Upon bringing in multiple high-pressure wells, poly pipe simply couldn’t stand up to the challenge. Steel pipe, though more durable, wasn’t a viable option because of its susceptibility to corrosion. In order to meet our customer’s needs and withstand the harsh conditions, we used FlexPipe Linepipe High Temperature (FPLP HT), which was readily available thanks to the Shawcor Midland solutions center just 15 miles away.

Because our composite linepipe doesn’t require heavy equipment on site, the contractor was able to quickly and safely install 34,408 feet of trenched 4" FP301 HT linepipe for oil, gas and water flowlines from six new wells to a central header for gathering. For a project of the same size, it would have taken four to five times longer to install 4" steel pipe, and twice as long to install fiberglass.

In the end, we not only solved Occidental’s corrosion problem, but saved them a considerable amount of time and money through drastically minimized downtime.

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