Global Accomplishments

With 85 years of mission-critical pipeline services experience around the world, our work speaks for itself. Take a look at a few of the success stories accomplished by our groups.

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Success Stories
Tubular Asset Management Project Pic
oilfield Icon
Tubular Asset Management Project

Nisku, Alberta, Canada | Oilfield Asset Management

See how our storage, inspections, repairs and Web-based inventory management system optimized operational efficiency.

Rexa Electrohydraulic Project Pic
connectivity Icon
Rexa Electrohydraulic Project

North America | Connection Systems

Learn how our premium cable technology brought an innovative new electrohydraulic actuator to life.

Occidental Petroleum Pipe Project Pic
composite Icon
Occidental Petroleum Pipe Project

Midland, Texas | Composite Production Systems

Find out how we solved corrosion issues and saved time and money for flowline applications in the Permian Basin.

Markwest Stack Pipeline Project Pic
integrity Icon
Markwest Stack Pipeline Project

Oklahoma | Integrity Management

Read how our pipeline crawler technology ensured safe operations for 68 miles of pipeline in Oklahoma.

Martrade Storage System Project Pic
pipeline Icon
Martrade Storage System Project

Iraq | Pipeline Performance

Take a look at how our highly effective pipe storage rail system increased stackability and asset protection for an international logistics company in Iraq.

Pemex Project Pic
composite Icon
Pemex Project

Veracruz, Mexico | Composite Production Systems

See how one of our composite pipe products provided more flexibility for a challenging flowline installation in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico.

Gasoducto Sur Peruano Pipeline (GSP) Project Pic
pipeline Icon
Gasoducto Sur Peruano Pipeline (GSP) Project

Southern Peru | Pipeline Performance

Find out how Shawcor is ensuring the long-term protection of one of Peru’s most significant natural gas pipeline transportation projects.

Black Gator Development Project Pic
connectivity Icon
Black Gator Development Project

Worldwide | Connection Systems

See how we improved the reliability of electric submersible pumps, a critical artificial lift method, with a superior cable and wellhead connector design.

Hiland Partners Double H Pipeline Project Pic
integrity Icon
Hiland Partners Double H Pipeline Project

Williston Basin | Integrity Management

Learn how we increased the safety of a vital Bakken crude oil pipeline with conventional radiography services deployed by our knowledgeable, local staff.

Santos Pipeline Project Pic
composite Icon
Santos Pipeline Project

South Australia | Composite Production Systems

Find out how one of our advanced composite pipe products met multiple challenges posed by a midstream installation in the Australian Outback.

Safe-T-Ground Insulated Cable Project Pic
connectivity Icon
Safe-T-Ground Insulated Cable Project

Western Canada | Connection Systems

See how we’re making surface facilities in Western Canada’s Oil Sands safer with advanced fire-resitive technology cable technology for cable trays.

Magellan Midstream Bridgetex Pipeline Project Pic
integrity Icon
Magellan Midstream Bridgetex Pipeline Project

Permian Basin | Integrity Management

Learn how we increased safety of Magellan’s 300,000 barrel-per-day BridgeTex Pipeline with conventional radiography services.

Apache Julimar Coatings Project Pic
pipeline Icon
Apache Julimar Coatings Project

Western Australia | Pipeline Performance

Find out how our advanced insulation and anticorrosion coating technology protected kilometers of pipeline and field joints for a major gas development project off the coast of Western Australia.

Chevron Wheatstone Inspection Project Pic
integrity Icon
Chevron Wheatstone Inspection Project

Ashburton North, Australia | Integrity Management

See how our innovative inspection techniques prevented failure of critical pipeline production components in this $29 billion project.

Chevron Wheatstone Coatings Project Pic
pipeline Icon
Chevron Wheatstone Coatings Project

Ashburton North, Australia | Pipeline Performance

Read about our role in propelling Chevron into the position of one of the largest LNG producers in the world through our advanced coating systems.

Nord Stream Project Pic
integrity Icon
Nord Stream Project

Baltic Sea | Integrity Management

Find out how Shawcor provided superior asset integrity assurance for the world’s longest subsea pipeline.

Al-Jalila Field Project
pipeline Icon
Al-Jalila Field Project

Persian Gulf | Pipeline Performance

Find out how we increased the efficiency of a pipelay campaign for a newly discovered oilfield off the coast of Dubai.

Argentina GNEA Project
pipeline Icon
Argentina GNEA Project

Argentina | Pipeline Performance

See how our coatings mitigated corrosion, mechanical impact, high costs and long installation times for Enarsa.

Umm Lulu Project
pipeline Icon
Umm Lulu Project

UAE | Pipeline Performance

Read how our market-leading girth-weld coating solutions and operator training helped UAE increase offshore crude oil production.

Atlantic Midstream Gathering System Project Pic
composite Icon
Atlantic Midstream Gathering System Project

Pecos, Texas | Composite Production Systems

Take a look at how our FlexCord Linepipe product delivered on a difficult ask in Pecos, Texas.

Papua New Guinea LNG Project Pic
pipeline Icon
Papua New Guinea LNG Project

Papua New Guinea | Pipeline Performance

See how we overcame environmental obstacles to protect 900 kilometers of pipeline in a project slated to double the country’s GDP.

Jack St. Malo Project Pic
connectivity Icon
Jack St. Malo Project

Gulf of Mexico | Connection Systems

Read how we reduced total system cost through a custom instrumentation cable solution for Chevron’s floating semi-submersible production vessel in the Gulf.

Shell Stones Development Project Pic
pipeline Icon
Shell Stones Development Project

Gulf of Mexico | Pipeline Performance

Learn how we maximized pipeline flow efficiency and asset protection for the deepest production facility in the world.

Apache Julimar Project Pic
integrity Icon
Apache Julimar Project

Western Australia | Integrity Management

See how our reliable coating systems and inspection services ensured long-term pipeline integrity between the Julimar and Brunello gas fields and the Chevron Wheatstone LNG facility.

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