How we deliver is just as important as what we deliver.  

Through our industry-leading, high-quality integrated solutions, we meet our customers’ most complex challenges and exceed their expectations—and it all starts with a consistent commitment to safe, sustainable operations and honest and transparent dealings.

Health, safety and environment (HSE)

At Shawcor, the safety of our workforce is everyone’s priority and responsibility. We believe there is a safe way to perform every job, and practice effective teamwork and communication as the key to preventing injury. Our risk-based approach ensures all hazards are identified and assessed for risk, and that appropriate controls are put into place to prevent harm.
Read our HSE Policy

Security and emergency management

We take our obligation to protect the security of our employees and assets seriously. By designing and implementing security measures appropriate to the security challenges facing our business, we operate safely and ensure we are informed of the identity, competence and professional background of our employees.

Ethics and compliance

Our Code of Conduct is a key component of our commitment to operating with the highest standards of business ethics and earning the trust of our stakeholders. It is a trusted resource for helping our employees regularly make safe and accurate business decisions. The Shawcor Code of Conduct is signed by all personnel upon employment and reaffirmed in writing each year.
Read our Code of Business Conduct

Supply chain management

Shawcor is committed to the highest level of integrity in all of our relationships, as well as to fair and open business practices in accordance with our Shawcor Supply Chain Policy. We employ a competitive RFQ bidding process based upon the principles of transparency, nondiscrimination and equal treatment of bidders. To ensure consistent delivery on expectations and commitments, we actively monitor and manage supplier performance through prequalification, due diligence, follow up, verification and auditing via the use of relevant key performance indicators. Honesty, care and due diligence are integral to all supply chain activities within and between Shawcor organizations and our suppliers.

Operational excellence

Launched in 2006, the Shawcor Management System is an industry-leading business improvement model and strategy that leverages leadership, culture and reliable processes to flawlessly execute operational plans, optimize business processes, and set standards for reliability. We demonstrate our commitment to quality and continuous improvement by meeting and exceeding our customer expectations—delivering superior quality and integrated solutions on time and on budget.
Read our Quality Policy

People and leadership

As a part of continuously strengthening our organization, we build capability and promote innovation, communication and knowledge transfer through our online SMS Centre of Excellence. At Shawcor, we value diversity of people and thought, developing leaders through effective training platforms and programs and strengthening collaboration across Shawcor and our value supply chain to ensure a sustainable infrastructure.

Risk management

Shawcor’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System provides our board and senior management with assurance that risks in our businesses are continuously identified, assessed, monitored and mitigated through management actions. ERM supports our ability to consistently deliver world-class operational excellence and provide solutions to our customers’ biggest challenges. Together, our management systems, operating conditions, organizational structures, processes, procedures, standards and code of conduct form a system of internal control that governs how we operate and manage associated risks in our business and value chain. Shawcor’s risk management framework addresses operational risk management, business and strategic risk management, risk oversight and governance, and our comprehensive audit program.

Communications and managing information

At Shawcor, we respect the privacy of our employees and ensure proper collection, use and protection of personal data, maintaining records in accordance with regulatory requirements. We ensure the preservation of confidentiality of both our and our customers’ data, and require the same of third parties who process this data on our behalf. We respect copyright, trademark and patent laws.


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