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March 24 - 28, 2019 | Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Booth #2530
NACE CORROSION 2019 is for professionals involved in corrosion control methods such as chemical treatment, materials selection/design, and, in one of the most important methods used to fight corrosion, protective coatings/linings and their application.

Shawcor Presentations at NACE CORROSION 2019

Qualification of High Temperature FBE for Offshore Services

Monday, March 25, 2019 at 1:00 PM
Catherine Lam, Zefang Li, Guido Ridolfi

The demand for high temperature (≤150⁰C) protective coating systems for offshore service has proliferated due to the increase in high temperature pipelines developments in Asia Pacific and Gulf of Mexico regions. Three-layer Polypropylene and multi-layer coating systems are typically used as anti-corrosion coatings for offshore pipelines as they are capable of withstanding operating temperatures as high as 150⁰C and they are resistance to water and mechanical damage. Recently, there is an increasing interest in using standalone fusion bonded epoxy coatings, single or dual-layer systems, for high temperature offshore services. However, there is insufficient data available to determine the fitness of purpose for offshore HT environments. Different HT FBE were evaluated and this presentation discusses the performance of coating systems subjected to simulated service testing. In addition, test results obtained from a 2-year thermal ageing program under nitrogen environment will be reviewed and compared between standalone HT FBE and 3LPP coating systems.  A qualification protocol will be introduced for HT coating systems for offshore pipelines. 

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A Comparison of the Expected Long-Term Material Performance of Styrenic Subsea Wet Insulations versus Polypropylene

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 9:00 AM
Pablo Wiesemann, Eileen Wan

Styrenic materials utilized in subsea wet insulation have been exposed in long-term tests for 12 months at elevated temperatures and pressures in seawater according to ISO 12736:2014.  The performance of these materials under this harsh exposure regiment shall be presented and compared to the performance of traditional polypropylene materials.

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Nashville Music City Center
Nashville, United States