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Al-Jalila Field Project

From: 2017/10/01 To: 2018/10/01
an image of Al-Jalila Field Project
Al-Jalila Field Project

Our relationships in the Middle East added up to long-term protection of a newly discovered oilfield’s pipe infrastructure—while also increasing project efficiency.

With water depths extending as far as 60 m in some areas of the Al-Jalila Field, a national oil producer needed its underwater pipe system to be not only sturdy and corrosion resistant for the long term, but also succeed in moderate to high operating temperatures. With Shawcor’s years of experience providing protective coating solutions and logistical support for pipelay campaigns in the Middle East, the producer selected our Pipeline Performance group to deliver an effective solution for the Al-Jalila Field’s pipe infrastructure.

Most of the pipelay campaign was for the Al-Jalilah Field, with the exception of an 18" water injection line in the nearby Fateh Field. Thanks to our close relationships with RAK port and local customs authorities, we attained priority berthing for pipe transport and lay vessels.

In conjunction with our concrete weight coating, Shawcor selected our 3LPE and 3LPP anti-corrosion coatings with high Tg fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) to protect 101 km of water injection, gas lift and production pipelines with outside diameters of 6" to 30". Our 3LPE and 3LPP coatings accommodate high operating temperatures ranging between 60° to 132°C, and our concrete weight coating provides negative buoyancy and excellent mechanical protection.

With Shawcor’s superior coating solutions and regional relationships, we met all client expectations—ensuring the long-term operation of the Al-Jalila Field’s moderate-to-high operating temperature pipelines and significantly reduced non-productive time with priority berthing in RAK.