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Black Gator Development Project

Black Gator Development Project

For more reliability, consistency is key.

To access valuable resources—particularly from wells with low bottomhole pressure and low gas-to-oil ratios—the oil and gas industry depends on electric submersible pumps (ESPs), a cost-effective artificial lift method. However, because these systems are subject to increased vulnerability of electrical failure from ineffective cable and wellhead connector design, operators and major ESP equipment providers in need of a more reliable solution turn to Shawcor.

The Shawcor Black Gator® wellhead electrical feedthrough system, featuring Gator Grip™ crimpless contacts and PEEK™ insulators, has established an impressive track record for connector reliability—providing greater configuration flexibility while maintaining installation simplicity and consistency. And with the optional Black Gator system surface connector, assembled and tested with custom lengths of surface cable, we eliminate the need for an additional field connection—further enhancing ESP system reliability.

Adhering to our strict quality control procedures during the manufacturing process, the Shawcor team has gained the trust of operators and major ESP equipment providers all over the globe—providing a superior cable and wellhead connector assembly that gets the job done and mitigates the risk of downtime, every time.