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Bridgetex Pipeline Project

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Bridgetex Pipeline Project

To ensure total asset integrity for a major pipeline, we started with the basics: safety, quality and service.

The 300,000 barrel-per-day BridgeTex Pipeline begins in Colorado City, Texas, and transports Permian crude oil to the refining market along the Houston Gulf Coast. The integrity of these critical assets has been assured from the beginning, thanks to Shawcor’s Integrity Management services.

Our experts deployed conventional radiography services, x-raying each girth weld along the entire 450-mile, 20" pipeline. With the local support of multiple Shawcor service branches throughout Texas, we were able to execute our inspection services rapidly, supporting the successful installation of the pipeline.

Focusing on safety, quality and service, the skilled technicians with our Shawcor Integrity Management group provided a thorough inspection of the BridgeTex Pipeline, complying with all necessary regulations for increased pipeline safety at the onset of operations.