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Electrohydraulic Project

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Electrohydraulic Project

When an innovative new technology needed a boost, our cables provided a breakthrough.

To address a variety of limitations found in electrohydraulic actuators, a manufacturer developed Electraulic™ Technology—but premium cable technology was needed to bring it to life. Thanks to Shawcor’s strong record of performance in this area, we were selected for the job, bringing a deep understanding of CSA-approved hazardous environment cable with us.

Due to unique system cabling requirements stemming from the actuators’ dependency on the employment of a DC stepper motor or an AC servo motor, we developed four harsh-environment cable designs: module, feedback, resolver and motor power cable. Each design specifically addressed power, control of the valves and instrumentation—enhancing the reliability, frequency response, dead time and resolution of the new actuators.

With short runs and custom lengths, custom configurations, sunlight resistance, and an FT4 rating, our fit-for-purpose cable designs ultimately enabled the manufacturer to offer their clientele—primarily North American pipeline operators of offshore rigs, FPSOs, wellheads or processing facilities—a reduction in overall pipeline maintenance costs through improved pressure fluctuation control.