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Julimar Coatings Project

an image of Julimar Coatings Project
Julimar Coatings Project

To assure the flow of 2.1 trillion cubic feet of gas, it took a company that could handle heavy lifting.

Located off the coast of Western Australia, the Julimar Project will supply raw gas from the Julimar and Brunello gas fields to the  Wheatstone LNG facility through kilometers of intrafield pipelines and production lines. Shawcor developed and implemented a strategy to protect an estimated 2.1 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas for the duration of the project. Shawcor coated 49 kilometers of 18-inch pipe with Thermotite® 7LPP (seven-layer polypropylene) insulation coating and HeviCote® concrete weight coating. In addition, Shawcor also coated 24 kilometers of 4-inch pipe with its 3LPP (three-layer polypropylene) anticorrosion coating system. All pipeline coatings were manufactured at our full-service plant in Kuantan, Malaysia, the largest of its kind in the world. Built specifically for the Asia-Pacific region, the facility has a dedicated berthing dock, making logistics more efficient and enabling the Shawcor team to execute the project quickly with more certainty and less risk.

Shawcor also coated more than 2,000 joints with our Canusa-CPS GTS-PP™ 3LPP three-layer polypropylene field coating system. Composed of fully compatible raw materials found in leading 3LPP coatings industry-wide, the fused factory and field-applied coating system delivered the full quality integrity required.

In the end, we delivered superior pipeline and field joint protection—ensuring our client superior flow assurance for the life of the project.