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Julimar Project

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Julimar Project

To deliver the highest level of weld integrity, we relied on the highest level of innovation.

Raw gas will soon flow from the Julimar and Brunello gas fields to the Wheatstone LNG facility—and thanks to innovative inspection techniques implemented by experienced Shawcor personnel, quality is assured.

For the inspection of the first 9 millimeters of weld material, we deployed our double wall, single image real-time radiography (RTR) and fully automated ultrasonic (AUT) solutions. At the end of the welding process, we conducted a full through-weld AUT solution. These automated inspection techniques included an innovative adaption of specifically designed UT transducers, project-specific testing fundamentals, and traditional inspections such as manual ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle and liquid penetrate.

Ultimately, we provided the Julimar Development Project with a testing regime that delivers real-time interpretation and feedback during the welding process—resulting in greater control and long-term pipeline integrity.