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Martrade Storage System Project

an image of Martrade Storage System Project
Martrade Storage System Project

By upping the efficiency of an international logistics company, we brought their business to new heights.

To increase the stackability and asset protection of its tailor-made pipeline logistics solutions in the Iraqi market, Martrade Group needed a highly effective pipeline storage solution. Chosen for its global leadership in engineered supply chain solutions, Shawcor was tasked with maximizing safety and efficiency with minimal environmental impact in the construction of a pipe storage rail system.

Shawcor’s Pipeline Performance team installed Pipe Stop™, a durable steel-reinforced rail system with matching, easily adjustable blocks, capable of accommodating all pipe diameters between 8" and 100". By stably supporting each pipe, the system has been proven to reduce pipe stress by 47 percent and pipe deformation by 74 percent over conventional alternatives. It also helps to provide intelligent equipment and fleet management, greater stackability, and asset protection, which, in turn, allows for high capacity utilization and overall cost efficiencies without compromising HSEQ. And thanks to its specialized weatherproof design, the system easily withstood the location’s harsh environmental conditions.

Ultimately, we helped Martrade Group realize cost savings through reduced manpower and downtime, while reducing the amount of cargo handling and potential pipe damage—helping Martrade achieve higher productivity and overall efficiency.

The Martrade Group is an independent, privately owned German logistics companies active in the pipeline sector since 1975. Primarily, Martrade provides:

  • Consultancy for worldwide pipeline projects
  • Port/terminal operations in Iraq, India and Ukraine
  • Door-to-door logistics solutions
  • Shipping operations for steel, pipes and project cargoes and period chartered vessels ranging from 3,500 to 62,000 dwt capacities