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Mexican NOC Project

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Mexican NOC Project

To tackle a challenging pipeline project, Shawcor provided more installation flexibility.

When a Mexican NOC needed a flowline to connect production from one of its wells in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico, to a gathering station, a private landowner presented a challenge to the project by requesting that nothing be built on the surface of his property. To accommodate the landowner’s request, a 600-meter directional crossing in 8" casing steel pipe needed to be installed underground. As a result, a pipe with more installation flexibility was needed, so the NOC chose Shawcor’s Composite Production Systems group to help facilitate the project.

Shawcor installed FlexPipe Linepipe for 3.2 km and the 600-meter directional crossing below the property—meeting the landowner’s request and enabling the project’s success. FlexPipe Linepipe is a spooled, ready-made pipeline system that is not only durable and corrosion resistant, but also very flexible due to its reinforcement layers not being cased in a thermosetting matrix. The simplicity of FlexPipe’s construction also reduces its manufacturing costs, providing an economic alternative to traditional steel or fiberglass pipeline systems that generally offer less flexibility for challenging installations.

With Shawcor and FlexPipe Linepipe, our client not only satisfied the landowner’s request, but also reduced installation time with our product’s greater flexibility and eliminated costs associated with corrosion, oil separation and transportation. Our product also improved usage of the gathering station, reduced environmental disturbance to property, and eliminated gas flaring of 0.6 million cubic feet per day, which allowed the NOC to put that gas into production.