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Papua New Guinea LNG Project

an image of Papua New Guinea LNG Project
Papua New Guinea LNG Project

With terrain this rugged, even the protection needed protection—and only one company could make it happen.

Remote and environmentally sensitive, the Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Project (PNG LNG) presented challenges from the beginning—but with the promise of more than doubling the country’s GDP, the results were more than worthwhile.

Shawcor’s Pipeline Performance group was tasked with coating 900 kilometers of 2"–36" pipeline, with manufacturing taking place in our Indonesian and Malaysian plants for supply security and flexible scheduling. We applied our three-layer polypropylene anticorrosion coating (3LPP), dual-layer fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), SureFlo™ internal coating and HeviCote® concrete weight coating—but the project wasn’t complete without our Rock Jacket® bendable concrete mechanical protection solution. Mobilized specifically for this project, our Rock Jacket plant provided environmentally friendly, cost-effective protection against the location’s difficult terrain—protection that conventional anti-corrosion coatings couldn’t offer.

Thanks to our patented system, pipe trenches could be dug shallower, and there was no need to helicopter in sand for padding or to dispose of rock in the delicate highlands. In the end, we not only protected the integrity of the project’s pipeline—we delivered the lowest total installed cost, installation time and environmental impact in the industry.