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Santos Pipeline Project

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Santos Pipeline Project

When one of Australia’s largest operators needed an effective pipeline solution, we delivered big.

Stretching across the vast Australian Outback, the Cooper and Eromanga Basins are the hosts of the country’s largest onshore resource development project. With extensive operations and midstream infrastructure in the area, Santos, a leading Australian energy producer, needed a cost-effective solution for a pipeline project that could stand up to high temperatures and circumvent the problematic issues the company had experienced with glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) and steel pipelines. With years of experience providing superior composite production systems, the Shawcor team was tapped to deliver a superior solution.

We selected FlexPipe HT Linepipe to connect two wells to a gathering system near Santos’ Moomba Facility in South Australia. A first for the Australian market, its installation in the 5.4-kilometer pipeline project offered temperature tolerances of up to 82°C/180°F—providing the necessary high temperature properties Santos needed and eliminating costly corrosion maintenance programs necessary for steel pipelines.

Installation was significantly faster over conventional pipeline materials and took place in a very narrow right of way, greatly reducing environmental disruption in the area. Additional advantages included the ability to plow the linepipe, which helped to reduce the challenges experienced with trenching and wet weather in the area in recent years, and easy backfilling.

Ultimately, Shawcor fulfilled the terrain’s unique environmental and high temperature requirements while saving Santos upfront costs through ease of installation and long-term costs by eliminating corrosion maintenance programs.