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Stack Pipeline Project

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Stack Pipeline Project

To ensure the reliability of its pipeline, a leading midstream services provider turned to the reliability of our technology.

As the leading U.S. provider of non-destructive testing, Shawcor’s Integrity Management group has a reputation of safety, quality and service. That’s why when a gathering, processing and transportation company needed a thorough inspection of a section of pipeline in Oklahoma, they chose us to get the job done.

Armed with our own pipeline crawler technology—remote-controlled devices designed to produce single wall, single image (SWSI) radiographs of circumferential welds—Shawcor inspected a 60-mile stretch of 16" pipeline and an 8-mile stretch of 20" pipeline. This innovative technique enabled us to help supplement customer production and resulting film resolution expectations.

In the end, we provided critical support to ensure safe operations of the pipeline—exceeding all of our customer’s expectations, and measuring up to ours.