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Wheatstone Coatings Project

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Wheatstone Coatings Project

Two trains with 8.9MM tons of LNG are heading from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the coast of Western Australia—and only one service provider can get them there.

Located approximately seven miles off the coast of Onslow, the $29 billion Wheatstone project is one of the country’s largest and most prolific LNG resource projects. With miles of pipeline needed for gas and condensate gathering, processing and export facilities offshore and onshore, Shawcor’s Pipeline Performance group was chosen to ensure the project’s vital trunklines and flowlines would be protected and operate at maximum flow efficiency.

For the gas supply trunklines, Shawcor coated 140 miles of 44" carbon steel pipe with SureFlo™ internal coating and HeviCote® concrete weight coating. To significantly improve HSE, we used our HeviCote DustCutter™ to smooth the standard surface of the impinged concrete coating, reducing dust and debris generation during lay operations by 75 percent. This industry-first product prevents eye injuries on the lay barge during offshore installation and protects the environment by reducing the need to store, transport and dispose of waste—all while maintaining the integrity of the pipe.

To maximize offshore flow assurance and provide for the required insulation necessary to maintain temperature on the infield flowlines, we coated 45 miles of 24" corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) production lines, 14" CRA utility lines and 6" carbon steel mono ethylene glycol (MEG) lines with our three-layer polypropylene (3LPP) anti-corrosion coating and Thermotite® polypropylene insulation coating. When combined with injection-molded polypropylene field joint technology, our Thermotite multilayer system provides for an integral system suited to reeling applications. And thanks to the interface between the parent coating and the field joint infill being fused during the application process, the polypropylene material becomes continuous—mitigating cracking or delamination concerns during deployment and operation.

We also utilized our End Seal Tape™ product, an innovative solution to mitigate moisture absorption at the cutback area, ensuring damage-free cutbacks during field application. Its usage provided the Wheatstone project team with greater schedule flexibility and additional insurance should pipes be stored for a longer period than originally planned.

And with the distinct advantage of world-class manufacturing facilities in Kabil, Indonesia, and Kuantan, Malaysia, Shawcor offered more than enhanced pipeline performance—we provided great flexibility in scheduling, fast execution and minimal risk.