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At Shawcor, we naturally take a long view. We have designed, built, protected and managed critical energy and infrastructure assets for customers for over 50 years.

The very core of our business is to relentlessly pursue solutions based on advanced material science and engineering and inspection technologies that assist in protecting the environment, extending asset life and reducing the requirement for other resources.  

Shawcor's operating and leadership practices fully embrace ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ideals and principles. Shawcor continues to evolve as an organization to better reflect our enduring values of Integrity, Technology and Execution and to ensure we are positioned to meet the requirements of tomorrow. 

Our view of sustainability is broad and considers both enterprise and societal ecosystem impacts. The enterprise level considers the programs, performance and metrics related to the operation of our global business. The ecosystem level addresses the use, benefit and impact of our products, services and solutions. As a result of our view, we believe that solutions matter. Our sustainable technologies demonstrate Shawcor's commitment to innovate, invent and invest in research and developments to meet the challenges of the industries and markets in which we operate.

Download our 2019 Sustainability Report

We create value by working with customers on the unique challenges and opportunities associated with a developing world. Shawcor and its employees, suppliers and technology partners are committed to developing innovative, resilient and sustainable products, services and solutions that have lasting impacts for business and society. Our opportunities are tied to four important long-term fundamentals:

  • Supply/Demand Imbalances in Water, Oil, Gas & Electricity. Creates the need to move energy and water over distances to match supply and demand. This requires developing new sources and constructing and maintaining critical infrastructure.
  • Importance of Asset Ownership. Involves owners taking a wider view of their responsibility to manage and optimize assets across the entire lifecycle. This requires integrity management and using the best available technology for performance, data and decision making.
  • Energy Security & Assurance. Focus of nations and regions to improve their energy security, reliable supply and uninterrupted access for their populations. This requires energy and infrastructure development.
  • Focus on Greener Alternatives. Ensures people have access to energy and water in a way which protects the physical environment and reduces overall intensity. This requires the development of new solutions and alternatives with a lower carbon footprint.

Shawcor is committed to long-term value creation and viability as a business and its governance practices are designed to support this objective. Sustainability practices are visible within and integrated across the Company and are fundamental to its success and resilience.

Sustainability oversight is provided by the Board of Directors and its committees. The goal is to ensure that the Company and its investments reflect long-term market fundamentals, emerging industry, business and ESG trends, public policy and legal and regulatory requirements while appropriately balancing risk and reinforcing the Company's core values.

A summary of the Board and its committees' oversight of sustainability practices and factors using the SASB framework can be found in Shawcor’s 2019 Sustainability Report. The Board of Directors addresses all dimensions and its committees have specific responsibilities related to ESG.

Shawcor provides a broad range of products, services and solutions, which include high quality pipe coating services, onshore and offshore pipeline corrosion and thermal protection, engineering and consulting services, state-of-the-art ultrasonic and radiographic inspection services, flexible composite pipe, fiberglass reinforced plastic underground storage tanks, tubular management services, heat-shrinkable polymer tubing, and control and instrumentation wire and cable.

Since 2014, the Company has continued to diversify our offering. In 2019, Shawcor acquired ZCL Composites, a leader in the design and manufacture of corrosion-resistant underground storage and treatment tanks with operations in Canada, the United States and Europe. The acquisition extends the Company’s composite product offering and provides access to new markets and opportunities in retail fuel, industrial/municipal water and wastewater and oil and gas.

Shawcor is generally classified as an Energy Equipment and Services organization and Oil & Gas - Services for SASB reporting. Given the Company's diversification, this classification does not fully reflect the scope, scale, material science capabilities, and customer profile of the business. Certain reporting elements and metrics related to Shawcor's classification do not directly apply to our scope of services, which do not include oil and gas exploration or engagement in the provision, use/consumption, handling and/or disposal of hydraulic fracturing fluids or oil field chemicals.

Shawcor operates under three reporting segments:

  • Pipeline & Pipe Services. Provider of pipeline protection and inspection solutions as well as facilities and engineering services
  • Composite Systems. Manufacturer of flexible and environmentally-friendly composite systems and solutions
  • Automotive & Industrial. Supplier of specialty wire and cable, heat shrink and cold applied products and application equipment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in 2019
0 6.0 11
Fatalities Total Recordable Case Frequency HSE System Audits
2018: 0 6.2 11

Shawcor is committed to protecting the health and safety of all employees, contractors and the public at large and believes health and safety is everyone’s priority and responsibility. Our vision is an IIF (Injury and Incident Free) workplace with no harm to people or damage to the environment. 

We believe there is a safe way to perform every job and effective teamwork and communication are the key to preventing injury. Our risk-based approach and review of leading indicators and performance metrics ensures that all potential hazards are identified and assessed, and that appropriate controls are put into place to prevent harm to all individuals working in Shawcor offices, laboratories, plants and 
field operations.

In 2019, the Company implemented a coaching-based driving program for company vehicles using in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) to reduce potential driving risk and improve overall performance. 
Shawcor maintains a comprehensive HSE management system in which HSE responsibility and accountability is established and incorporated into every level of the organization which results in a focus on reducing risk and preventing incidents. 

We are committed to adhering to the laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
For the years ending December 31, 2019 and December 31, 2018, the Company had recordable injuries per million person hours worked of 6.0 and 6.2, respectively. Additionally, the Company had a lost time case frequency rate of 1.8 and 2.2, respectively.

During 2019, Shawcor Corporate HSE completed 11 HSE management system audits at select manufacturing and service locations across the Company to ensure conformance to the HSE management system. In addition, site and business unit personnel completed HSE inspections, audits and other oversight activities. Best practices and action plans to correct deficiencies identified in audits and inspections are recorded and managed in the Company's global HSE information system.


Environmental Stewardship in 2019
97,015 65.2 $1.2M+
GHG Emissions Emissions Intensity Environmental Remediation
Metric tonnes of CO2 emitted Metric Tonnes of CO2 emitted per $C1 million in Shawcor revenue
2018: 107,000 76.2 $0.43M

Shawcor continues to promote environmental stewardship and management. We are committed to meeting international standards and regulations and making a positive contribution to the environment through program management and data collection, managing risk and promoting reductions in resource use in our operations.

We have taken steps to decrease the Company’s global greenhouse gas emissions through improved operating practices. Further, we continue to focus on waste generation, which we strive to reduce by improving internal processes, changing product formulations and finding beneficial ways to re-use by-products.

Shawcor has been voluntarily providing environmental information to CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2008 as a resource for our global customers and stakeholders.

We believe communicating our environmental management and performance data such as annual carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and intensity, baselines and targets, electricity use, water use, fuel consumption and our environmental oversight information supports our communication, benchmarking and continuous improvement objectives.

For the years ending December 31, 2019 and December 31, 2018, the Company's total GHG emissions were reduced by 9%. and emissions intensity was reduced by 14%.

At Shawcor, we relentlessly pursue technologies that protect the environment, reflect our values and meet customer requirements.

For more information about our sustainable technology, refer to Shawcor's 2019 Sustainability Report.

People, Ethics and Compliance in 2019
11.8% 19.4% 17.6%
Female Executives Female Executive Talent Pool International Executives
2018: 6.3% 11.8% 12.5%

Shawcor promotes the development of its people and workforce through high quality training and skill development, continuous improvement programs and human resources and talent management practices.

Employees are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct, Human Rights Statement, and Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, which ensures people’s rights are respected and protected as we conduct our business activities and interactions.

We strengthen our organization and build capability through our Shawcor Management System (SMS) Program, SMS Champions Certification and on-line Centre for SMS excellence. SMS combines the concepts of “Best in Class” benchmarking, lean management, leadership training and employee engagement for the purpose of operating efficiency, cost reduction and process improvement in our operations and business functions. Shawcor has been recognized for several years as a leader in lean and continuous business improvement.

We believe that talent should be managed for the best interests of the individual and the Company through best practice HR Management. Shawcor’s programs and annual cycle of activities ensure management and employees are aligned to the Company’s and business unit objectives, are provided feedback and coaching on performance and leadership demonstrated and talent is reviewed for development and succession planning. We value the diversity of people and thought, developing leaders through effective training platforms and programs and strengthening collaboration across Shawcor and our value supply chain to ensure a sustainable infrastructure.

Our Code of Conduct is a key component of our commitment to operating with the highest standards of business ethics and earning the trust of our stakeholders. It is a trusted resource for helping our employees regularly make safe and accurate business decisions. Our Code of Conduct is reviewed and signed by all employees when they commence employment and reconfirmed each year in writing.

At Shawcor, we respect the privacy of our employees and ensure proper collection, use and protection of personal data, maintaining records in accordance with regulatory requirements. We ensure the preservation of confidentiality of both our and our customers’ data and require the same of third parties who process this data on our behalf.


Diversity & Inclusion Statement


We work to make Shawcor a place where every employee, client and stakeholder feels respected and safe. We embrace that we come from:

  • DISTINCT Cultures and Communities
  • DIFFERENT Experiences and Abilities
  • DIVERSE Gender Identities and Relationships

Collectively, our unique life experiences and personalities make us stronger - we learn from each other and we grow with each other. We believe that our different perspectives help us make better decisions, be more creative and have more meaningful relationships.


Quality Certified Locations

Shawcor is committed to the highest standards of quality, integrity and ethics in our business activities and relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as to fair and open business practices in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Shawcor utilizes a competitive RFQ bidding process based upon the principles of transparency, nondiscrimination and equal treatment of bidders. To ensure consistent delivery on expectations and commitments, we actively monitor and manage supplier performance through prequalification, due diligence, follow up, verification and auditing via the use of relevant key performance indicators. Integrity and due diligence are integral to all supply chain activities within and between Shawcor, its business units and our suppliers.

We hold suppliers responsible for ensuring that their subcontractors and/or third parties that they employ in their work for Shawcor will act in accordance with these standards as well. Requirements for doing business with Shawcor are outlined in our Supply Chain and Supplier Compliance guidelines which are available to all suppliers and/or third parties working on behalf of the Company on the Shawcor website.

Shawcor maintains certain standards and policies including regulatory, ISO, industry and testing protocols to ensure its products and service are delivered to meet specified requirements. The majority of the Company’s operations maintain ISO certifications and standards. In 2019, 72 operating locations or sites were certified by an external body to a international quality management standard.

The Shawcor Management System (SMS) is an industry-leading business improvement model and strategy that leverages leadership, culture and reliable processes to flawlessly execute operational plans, optimize business processes and set standards for reliability. We demonstrate our commitment to quality and continuous improvement by meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations – delivering superior quality and integrated solutions on time and on budget.


Research, Technology and Innovation in 2019
$12.6M 227 111
Research & Development Patents Proprietary Formulas
2018: $11.9M 182 86

Shawcor’s technology advantage is based on industry-leading material science that draws on deep partnerships with researchers, universities and customers, which has resulted in strength in materials science and inspection technology.

Shawcor has a proud history of innovation and inventiveness. For example, we were the first to develop polypropylene sleeve technology to protect high temperature pipelines and were pioneers in the development of advanced detection technology to ensure offshore pipeline weld inspection integrity.

Shawcor develops advanced technology solutions that help our customers deliver long-term operating performance of long-life energy and infrastructure assets for applications in energy, water, industrial and automotive markets.

We promote technical leadership through designated technical communities in which subject matter experts share knowledge and best practices with internal and external stakeholders. Shawcor technical communities provide a forum for cross-training, knowledge and experience-sharing with a multi-functional approach to technology problems that significantly expands our access to technical expertise, innovative solutions and subject matters Technical leaders are active on industry committees and associations where they educate customers and stakeholders on new research and developments through presenting technical papers and presentations.

Our intellectual capital is protected through a patent filing and renewal program, which ensures the Company inventions and innovations are documented, communicated and protected. Please note that research and development expenditures do not include development spending related to plant and/or field trials.

Shawcor’s business model is based on the principles of ensuring the Company maintains close involvement with customers, develops innovative technologies and products, pursues low cost and efficient manufacturing and service delivery, continues global leadership in its core offerings and continues to have financial strength and strong long-term fundamentals at its foundation.

The Company’s business model and organizational capabilities are supported by value-added corporate functions. These corporate functions support the enterprise and the growth of business and operating leadership that are responsible for the primary operating and profit and loss units of the Company.

Corporate functions are focused on the long-term horizon and building the standards, systems, tools and capabilities to deliver effective service. Their mandate includes functional management, program development/execution and capacity-building. Operating executives are focused on general management, sales and business development, operations and product/service quality, strategic and business planning and compliance with policies, standards and practices.

Shawcor continues to build organization capability based on three business segments: Pipeline and Pipe Services, Composite Systems, and Automotive and Industrial. While each operation has their own growth prospects within their respective market, we link many of the discrete products and services they deliver into complete value-added solutions that address major industry and customer challenges.

Management regularly review the Company’s operational systems and processes and develops new ones as required. Key operational programs utilized by Shawcor in the year ended December 31, 2019 include systems and controls over project bidding, capital expenditures, enterprise risk, internal controls over financial reporting, product development, HSE management and human resource development. In addition, the Shawcor Management System (SMS) program has been implemented to increase operating efficiency and achieve cost savings in each of the Company’s operating businesses.

Shawcor’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) System provides our Board of Directors and senior management with assurance that risks in our businesses are continuously identified, assessed, monitored and mitigated through management actions. ERM supports our ability to consistently deliver world-class operational excellence and provide solutions to our customers’ biggest challenges. Shawcor’s risk management framework includes operational risk management, business and strategic risk management, risk oversight and governance and our comprehensive audit program.

Our Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships and our Supplier Compliance Declaration requests that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains. 

Together, our business model, management systems, operating conditions, organizational structures, processes, procedures, standards and Code of Conduct form a system of internal control that governs how we operate and manage risks in our business and value chain.


2019 sustainability metrics and a reference summary for SASB reporting can be viewed in Shawcor’s 2019 Sustainability Report.

Our Sustainability Report is designed to reflect the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) framework and considers multiple best practices including CCGC (Canadian Coalition of Good Governance) guidelines and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Program) reporting. SASB elements include health, safety and environmental stewardship, social and human capital, leadership and governance and business model and innovation—all critical to ensuring long-term value creation and business viability. 

We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We provide a wide range of inspection services for reliable maintenance and operations where you need them

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