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Product Innovation that Delivers Protection, Safety and Performance

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Advanced Products & Supply

Product innovation that delivers protection, safety and performance

A range of field-joint sleeves, logistics and preservation solutions and connection systems to better protect the integrity of your assets in all types of construction and maintenance projects.

We have combined the expertise, experience and product design of three industry leaders to present a product offering for a range of construction and maintenance projects. Our products provide flexible applications for integrity assurance and maximum protection in the most extreme environmental conditions. Our engineered products deliver global consistency and higher performance.


Since 1966, Canusa-CPS has been a global leading developer and manufacturer of specialty pipeline coatings for the sealing and corrosion protection of pipeline joints and other substrates.

Engineered for high-quality applications in even the toughest environments, Canusa-CPS high-performance coatings protect against a range of challenges, including corrosion, extreme temperatures, mechanical damage and more.

Canusa-CPS delivers innovative solutions to increase the integrity of pipelines with an ever-increasing focus on advanced corrosion protection, automation for consistency, productivity and safety and through the availability of data from field operations in real time to provide greater traceability for our customers.

Our broad product lines service the following major market segments: oil and gas offshore, oil and gas onshore, district heating and cooling, water pipelines, repair and rehabilitation and industrial infrastructure and support.

To ensure consistent, safe and efficient performance in these increasingly extreme environments, Canusa-CPS offers a complete range of field-applied coatings and services compatible with any mainline pipe coating.


Since 1992, Dhatec has been developing and manufacturing solutions to ensure damage free pipes throughout the entire logistic supply chain. Our products and technical support improve the quality, efficiency and safety of logistic processes.

Dhatec makes a significant contribution in organizing for safe and damage free pipe logistics to companies in the oil and gas industry to help them reduce delays and extra costs resulting from damages and accidents that occur while handling bare steel or coated pipes.

Dhatec’s innovative products are used to safely and efficiently deliver damage-free pipes around the world. We advise pipe manufacturers, coating plants, logistic companies, EPC contractors and end users how to achieve safe, efficient and damage free delivery of pipes in any circumstance or climate.

To ensure the protection and preservation of critical pipeline assets throughout the entire logistics supply chain, Dhatec delivers comprehensive range of protection, preservation and transportation products.

Connection Systems

By unifying the successful track records, unrivaled expertise and product portfolios of two of the best companies in the business, we’ve created a single partner you can trust to provide a more complete connectivity solution to suit the precise needs of your operations, anywhere in the world.


A world-class manufacturer of specialty wire and cable products for use in severe service industrial environments.


The leading global manufacturer of heat and cold-applied shrink tubing products, accessories and equipment for protection and sealing in automotive, electrical utility, industrial, and oil and gas applications.

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We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We are the market leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and inspection experts

We provide a wide range of inspection services for reliable maintenance and operations where you need them

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