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Creating innovative connectivity solutions that guarantee reliability.

As the leading global manufacturer of heat shrinkable products and cold-applied accessories, Shawcor provides a range of advanced and proprietary solutions approved to UL, CSA, SAE, LV and EN specifications.

Single wall heat shrink tubing
Cross-linked polyolefin products used for electrical insulation and strain relief.

Dual wall heat shrink tubing
Cross-linked polyolefin products with adhesive for bonding to copper, steel and polyethylene in connector and terminal applications.

Low voltage heat shrink tubing
Heat shrink and cold-applied sleeves and shape products to seal and protect wire and cable connections in low-voltage electrical applications.

TITAN Z cold shrink cable terminations
The next generation of cold-shrink medium voltage (5-28kV) cable terminations featuring an all-in-one design, the fewest installation steps in the industry, and stress-control and sealant mastics to keep utility and industrial systems online and low maintenance.

Medium voltage terminations and splices
A comprehensive range of 5–35 kV rated cable accessory products designed and manufactured for a variety of cables for electrical utility and industrial applications.

Equipment insulation and connection
Easy-to-install products in a range of voltages for electrical insulation and connection applications that are suited for switchgear, substation and motor control equipment.

Specialty heat shrink tubing
Non-polyolefin heat shrink products made from base materials such as Viton®, PVDF and neoprene to provide improved properties for fluid resistance, high temperatures and abrasion resistance.

CET electrical tape
Premium electrical tapes certified to UL and CSA standards for general-purpose electrical insulation and electrical protection up to 600V.


To meet the unique requirements of your specific industry and application, our experts are always on hand to work with you to design or qualify the best heat shrink products, solving the demanding requirements of the following markets:

By working closely with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to select cost-effective heat shrink and advanced process equipment, we’re able to deliver a range of approved, vehicle-tested solutions to protect wire harnesses, AC lines, brake lines, safety systems and more.

Electrical utility
Designed and tested to meet the requirements of IEEE, IEC, ANSI, UL, CSA and other international standards, our full range of heat shrinkable and cold-applied terminations and joints and cable accessories deliver high quality, electrical insulation, excellent performance and long-term reliability.

Ranging from common use single-wall polyolefin on small-gauge wire assemblies to high-temperature polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) heat shrink on heating sensors, Shawcor’s heat shrink products provide insulation, strain relief, bundling, mechanical protection and sealing performance.

Oil and gas
Through dedicated customer service, we leverage our application expertise with electrical cable accessories and sealing techniques to rapidly respond to technical and lead-time challenges.

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Our Success Stories

Discover Shawcor integrated services and advanced technologies being applied to the world’s largest projects in the most extreme and challenging environments. Lookup for any project by Geo-location, Capability, Technology and Service provided.

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With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

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