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Specializing in the development and manufacturing of a comprehensive range of logistics and integrity solutions.

Due to the frequency of damage and accidents in the handling of bare steel or coated pipes, today’s global oil and gas industry is fraught with delays and added costs. Shawcor ensures these critical pipeline assets are protected throughout the entire logistics supply chain.

Through more than 3,000 innovative solutions in the following categories, our product lines help operators around the world receive safe, efficient and damage-free pipes—in any circumstance or climate.

Complete protection package for internal pipes, internal coatings and FBE toe protection, including bevel protection, anti-corrosion, end seal tape and pipe closure products

Easy, efficient solutions for moving and lifting pipes, including pipe hooks and pipe rollers

Safe, adjustable and flexible systems for any pipe size on trains and trucks

Facilitation of safe linepipe storage

Products to improve process quality and efficiency and maintain pipe quality during internal and external blasting and coating

We offer products to support onshore, offshore and spool base construction, such as stalk joining clamps, masking rings and water collectors.

Shawcor is able to unburden project managers and provide operators with unrivaled flexibility, quality and reliability. We do this with continual customization of our products and services to answer the industry’s latest demands and specifications. In fact, we offer our own project management experts to serve as a knowledgeable partner for optimizing linepipe logistics and reducing associated costs. Through proprietary production processes and close relationships with best-in-class supplying partners, we deliver:

  • Advice regarding handling, transport, storage and preservation
  • Short lead times
  • Safe, ergonomic product packing, even for special sizes
  • On-site product installation and commissioning
  • Training and technical support of local operational personnel
  • Quality control and product monitoring throughout the project
  • Retrieval of products for repair, recycling or waste disposal
  • Project-based product rentals
Advanced Products & Supply
Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Discover Shawcor integrated services and advanced technologies being applied to the world’s largest projects in the most extreme and challenging environments. Lookup for any project by Geo-location, Capability, Technology and Service provided.

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With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

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