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Composite Linepipe

Monetizing production quickly with the speed and performance of flexible composite linepipe.

With its quick, cost-effective installation and the ability to withstand high pressure, temperature and corrosion, you can count on your production efficiency to start strong and stay reliable for the duration of your operation. In fact, our composite linepipe has a service life of 20 years, with no need for expensive maintenance and long-term chemical inhibitor programs. Thanks to our global distribution network, technological leadership and cradle-to-grave customer service, we’re ready to not only solve your most difficult challenges but ensure maximum results at a lower cost of ownership.

Look to our extensive selection of linepipe products for your next oil and gas gathering, enhanced oil recovery, CO2 injection or water transportation application.

  • 30-40% Installation cost reduction from steel
  • Capabilities up to 2000m of spoolable pipe installed per day
  • Enhanced oil recovery, CO2 injection or water transportation application


Flexpipe (FPLP)

Spoolable, flexible pipe made from thermoplastic liner, a helically wound reinforcement layer and an external thermoplastic jacket that effectively resists high pressure, corrosion and impact while driving down installation costs.

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Download Data Sheet (International)  
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2" - 5" ID
300, 750 and 1,500 psi pressure ratings

Flexpipe HT

Flexpipe High Temperature (FPLP HT)

The same benefits as Flexpipe, plus the capability to handle continuous service temperatures up to 180°F (82°C).

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Download Data Sheet (International)  
Download Flexpipe Brochure

2" - 6" ID
Maximum operating pressure of 1,500 psi


Flexcord (FCLP)

The same benefits as Flexpipe, with a high-strength steel-cord reinforced design to handle severe pressure cycles and pulsations generated by piston pumps.

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Download Flexcord Brochure

Available in 3" and 4" ID sizes
Maximum operating pressure of 2,250 psi

Joining Systems

Joining Systems

Our joining systems are reliable and easily repeatable, making them a top choice amongst customers. All fittings are available in either nickel-coated or stainless steel and can be used with all composite products. 

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Rental kits are available upon request. Our easy-to-use installation equipment includes the following: 

  • Crimper
  • Remote valve
  • Power pack
  • Insertion press
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