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In an industry focused on efficiency, meet the group with the knowledge, experience, tools and technologies to get the job done.

With more than 92 million feet (28,000 kilometers) of linepipe plus 130,000 fittings installed around the world, Shawcor’s Composite Production Systems group is universally considered to be the market leader in flexible, continuous pipeline technology. Partner with us for your operation’s next pipeline project to ensure top-of-the-line products, services and support, as well as the following invaluable benefits:


  • Thanks to our proprietary continuous design, each linepipe product installs and deploys exceptionally quickly and easily, ensuring your operation gets online faster
  • Our HDPE pressure pipe and liners install rapidly, lowering total installation and lifecycle costs


  • Our application review process ensures the correct product is selected to meet your specific needs
  • Fitting and coupling installation is tightly controlled with custom equipment for seamless repeatability
  • Mechanical fittings are available in carbon steel with high phosphorus nickel plating or in stainless steel to stand up to any job


  • Our extremely thorough pipe qualification process ensures we exceed the requirements of CSA, API and ASTM standards
  • The impact resistance of our linepipe products is significantly greater than that of traditional thermoset composite pipe
  • Our high-density polyethylene liners completely eliminate pipe corrosion for consistent production
  • Our linepipe product technology is protected by 14 patents on five continents, with additional patents pending


  • Our composite linepipe offers a 20-year service life, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance and high-cost corrosion inhibition programs
  • Small crew sizes and ease of handling reduce installation costs by up to 30 percent
  • Sand padding is not required for most jobs


  • Environmental impact is reduced thanks to small right of ways and minimal ground disturbance
  • There is no need for large crews and heavy equipment, minimizing environmental disruption and enhancing on-site safety


  • Shawcor has a global network with an active presence in 25 countries offering unrivalled proximity to every major energy-producing region
  • The Composite Production Systems group has head offices and manufacturing facilities in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, with additional sales, distribution and strategic partner offices in Canada, the United States, Latin America, Australia, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East
  • Our field and support teams are always standing by to facilitate and troubleshoot
Composite Linepipe
Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Discover Shawcor integrated services and advanced technologies being applied to the world’s largest projects in the most extreme and challenging environments. Lookup for any project by Geo-location, Capability, Technology and Service provided.

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With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

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