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Promoting easy and efficient installations with small crews, fewer logistics and minor environmental disruption.

Because we’re dedicated to ensuring the smoothest process for every product, every time, we also offer a host of installation support services. In addition to our expert inspectors and installation supervisors on the project site, Shawcor’s experienced managers and project coordinators are on call 24 hours a day.


Shawcor offers a broad range of high-quality fitting installation equipment for rent, as well as a variety of specialized installation accessories, including:

  • A-frames for carrying pipe reels
  • Riser support trays and pull tools
  • Custom cleaning pigs
  • Denso and 3M corrosion prevention products


To instruct our customers-preferred contractors on how to safely, properly and cost-effectively install our linepipe products, Shawcor offers a comprehensive course focusing on:

  • Theory portion and hands-on training with rental equipment, pipe and fittings
  • Exposure to our FlexPipe, FlexCord and FlexFlow Linepipe products and manufacturing procedure, shipping and receiving, handling and deployment techniques, overview of rental equipment, installation methods and more
  • The expertise of a dedicated field technician
  • Flexible training locations in Calgary, Alberta; at any of our solution centers; or on the project site


Our pipeline products can be installed in a number of ways—so you can choose the method most convenient for your environment, resources and application.

In a single-pass operation, a pipeline plow can trench, install and cover the trench. This method is most beneficial when long continuous lengths of pipe are to be installed, and minimizes disturbance to the environment.

The continuous reels of FlexPipe Linepipe and FlexCord Linepipe enable quick unspooling or stringing with very few manpower or equipment requirements. The pipe can then be deployed using an ATV or truck. There is no joining of stick pipe (a joint is only required at the end of every reel), no X-ray and no need for sand padding in the ditch.

Rehabilitation of failed steel pipelines
Many existing steel pipelines are failing due to either internal or external corrosion, but pulling our linepipe through the failed line is often an economical and operationally viable option.

  • The existing failed pipeline serves as the conduit to pull FlexPipe, FlexFlow or FlexCord Linepipe through
  • Pulling FlexPipe, FlexFlow or FlexCord is fast, and production is back online sooner
  • The construction involved in pulling pipe through existing lines is unobtrusive, allowing for fewer landowner challenges
  • There is no cost to repair the existing failed pipeline
  • No pressure testing is required for the existing failed pipeline, as FlexPipe or FlexCord Linepipe is now the new pipeline

Surface installations
For both permanent and temporary surface flowlines, FlexPipe Linepipe can be used aboveground with our white 20-year UV-resistant jacket. Our white jacket is resistant to solar heating, mitigating the issue and allowing temperatures to stay below 140°F (60°C).

As there is an elevated risk of injury or property damage with any surface installation, appropriate hazard control measures should be implemented. When used as a temporary surface line, the pipe and fittings can often be respooled and reused.

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