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Fighting corrosion with specialized fittings.

Consisting of a mandrel inserted into the pipe and a sleeve crimped around the pipe, this metallic fitting device mechanically fastens to the pipe.

Both the mandrel and sleeve are equipped with unidirectional teeth that securely grip the liner and jacket of the pipe. Once Shawcor’s products are inserted between the mandrel and sleeve with a hydraulic press, the sleeve is then crimped onto the products to create clamp pressure on the inside and outside of the pipe.

Fittings are installed using specialized installation equipment that energizes the fitting. This energizing force creates a clamping pressure that holds the pipe in place and provides a seal between the thermoplastic liner and the fitting. For additional seal reliability, the fitting is equipped with two O-rings. The fitting system does not require the application of heat or adhesives.

Shawcor provides three types of standard fittings

Flanged end fitting
Flange fittings are used to connect FlexPipe or FlexCord Linepipe to other flanged connections using a standard lap joint flange. Flanged end fittings are available with 150, 300, 600 and 900 ANSI flanges.

Pipe-to-pipe coupler
The end of the FlexPipe or FlexCord Linepipe from one reel can be attached to the beginning of the pipe from a second reel with a pipe-to-pipe coupling, thus eliminating an underground flanged connection.

Weld neck fitting
Designed for sweet-service applications, our weld neck fittings are particularly ideal for non-corrosive environments where a transition from FlexPipe or FlexCord Linepipe to steel is required and a buried flange connection is undesirable. By joining our linepipe directly to steel without a bolt-up, weld neck fittings reduce the possibility of a gas leak due to human error when tightening the bolts.

Shawcor fittings combat corrosion through stainless steel, nickel coating or no coating.

  • Electroless nickel plating, which is applied to all interior and exterior surfaces of standard fittings for protection from corrosion and erosion in many applications
  • Moisture-resistant tape, which controls external corrosion of installed fittings
  • Cathodic protection, which protects against corrosion through a ribbon anode attached to fittings and taped lengthwise for ease of plowing

Weld neck fittings are not coated or plated, because the coating or plating would be destroyed by the heat input during welding. Prefabricated flow joints can be coated, as no welding is required at installation.

Custom fitting
Specialty fittings such as T-joints, Y-laterals and 90° elbows are available upon customer request.

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