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Innovative FlexFuse Connection to enforce electrofusion process.

Our FlexFuse™ Connection consists of two parts: an electrofusion coupling, which is responsible for fusing the pipe sections together, and the insert that seals the connection.

Manufactured through a similar process as the pipe, the electrofusion coupling features copper wire embedded in its inside diameter, providing electrical resistance to generate heat and melt the polyethylene material during the electrofusion process. The insert has two grooves at each side to seat O-rings for sealing of the connection, and provides internal support to the pipe and coupling during the electrofusion process.

The FlexFuse Connection has been tested together with FlexFlow Linepipe as a complete system in long-term, high-pressure tests, and has undergone rigorous testing to verify performance in field conditions. The joining process necessitates a pair of two-person crews to work on the insertion and the electrofusion, respectively. One end of the electrofusion coupling is fused at the plant to allow for faster installation in the field.

Flanged end fittings, coupling fittings and weld neck fittings similar to our 2"–4" fittings systems are available to tie the ends of our 6" and 8" linepipe to an existing flange or connect to a steel Linepipe.

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