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FlexCord Linepipe (FCLP) handles high pressure and severe pressure cycles and pulsations generated by piston pumps.

FlexCord Linepipe
FlexCord Linepipe
As the preferred choice for water transfer and enhanced oil recovery (water and CO2 injection) applications, FCLP is specifically designed and tested for high reliability in demanding applications and delivers proven MAOP pipe performance. Its galvanized reinforcement steel cords allow a maximum operating pressure of 2,250 psi (ANSI 900) with no need to over-specify or derate.

Combat cycles and pressures that piston pumps, such as triplex and diaphragm, can generate with FCLP:


Three-layer FCLP employs helically wound galvanized steel cords embedded in an HDPE barrier layer, which act as reinforcement and enables excellent performance amid severe cyclic pressure and pulsations without degradation or risk of corrosion. These cords also allow rapid depressurization of gasses that permeate through the liner. Additionally, rigorous internal testing confirms no blistering or collapse after repeated cycles of rapid decompression at 1,000 psi/minute.


With smaller crew sizes, less heavy equipment, lower environmental impact and no need for welding, X-ray inspection, multiple connections, jeeping or corrosion inhibitors, the lightweight FCLP not only saves operators up to 35 percent on installation over steel—it brings wells to production faster.


Shawcor’s crimped connections use hydraulic regulation of crimping pressure rather than the manual torque application used by other composite linepipe products. As the crimper dies move independently, variations in pipe wall thickness are allowed, consistently creating a robust, leak-free connection.

Linepipe Products


Available In:

Available in 3" and 4" ID sizes
Maximum operating pressure of 2,250 psi
Reel-less packaging


Case Studies

FlexCord Gathering System Project


FlexCord Injection/Water Flood System


Data Sheets

FlexCord (English)


FlexCord (Spanish)

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