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Answering the anti-corrosion needs of oil, gas and water applications up to a depth of 100 feet (30 meters).

FlexCord Linepipe Anti-Buoyant
FlexCord Linepipe Anti-Buoyant
With a maximum operating pressure of up to 2,250 psi (ANSI 900), FCLP is designed for shallow water with watertight couplings and terminations. This design of an HDPE liner, galvanized steel cords and protective outer jacket delivers reliable, full MAOP pipe performance without the need to over-specify.

Withstand corrosion and pressure in shallow water with FCLP AB:


The anti-buoyant properties of FCLP AB eliminate the need for additional weights for anchoring, optimizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This specialized linepipe offers a maximum continuous operating temperature of 140°F (60°C) with the same flexibility and operational benefits as our other linepipe products.


When used with specialized shallow-water couplings and terminations, FCLP AB offers watertight installations with no need for welding. Additionally, our proprietary installation equipment controls pressure to ensure your fitting connections are consistently leak-free.


With smaller crew sizes, less heavy equipment requirements and fewer connections, FCLP AB installs incredibly quickly through a range of installation methods. Given its lightweight reels and ease of fitting, production is monetized faster and installation costs are reduced by up to 35 percent over steel.

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FlexCord Anti-Buoyant

Available In:

2" ID size
Maximum operating pressure of 2,250 psi


Case Studies

FlexCord Anti-buoyant Shallow Water Project


FlexCord Anti-buoyant Replacement of Shallow Water Coated Steel Line


Data Sheets

FlexPipe Anti-Buoyant (English) 


FlexPipe Anti-Buoyant (Spanish) 

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