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Our fully bonded, larger-diameter composite linepipe, FlexFlow Linepipe (FFLP) is making a big impact in the market with a 750 psi pressure rating.

FlexFlow Linepipe
FlexFlow Linepipe
Available in a 6" internal diameter, the FFLP layers include a high-density polyethylene liner, glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes and a high-density polyethylene outer jacket. The entire pipe construction is fully bonded through heat and pressure application during the manufacturing process. Pipe segments are connected with reinforced electrofusion fittings.


Successful design verification testing for FFLP includes short-term burst, long-term high temperature holds, long-term elevated pressure testing, impact, pressure and thermal cycling, bend flexibility and gas exposure. Several field handling trials and early adopter installations have been conducted to validate suitability for handling and installation in harsh climates.


Using a hydraulic press, FlexFlow Linepipe is inserted into the electrofusion coupling. A current is then passed through the wire coils, generating heat and completely bonding the pipe and coupling together for an extremely reliable, permanent connection. The entire connection process takes approximately eight minutes and is extremely reliable.


6" FFLP provides comparable flow rates versus 10" SDR 7 HDPE for produced water applications due to higher allowable pressure drop with FFLP. FFLP can transport significantly more footage than HDPE per truck load thanks to lower internal diameter of FFLP meeting flow requirements.


With a minimum operational bend radius of 10 feet (3 meters) for 6", FFLP eliminates the need for expensive accessories such as custom bends, elbows and risers. This high flexibility allows for the use of inexpensive installation methods such as plowing and pulling through failed steel lines.


Our FFLP larger-diameter solution offers superior resistance to corrosion, impact and pressure, high flexibility, enhanced fitting reliability and fast, cost-effective installation. Supplied in standard lengths of 39.2 feet (11.9 meters), FFLP also minimizes shipping and field handling costs.

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Available In:

6" ID size
Maximum operating pressure of 750 psi


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FlexFlow Case Study

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