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Offering exceptionally effective defense against corrosion and high pressure in oil, gas, remediation and utilities applications.

FlexPipe Linepipe
FlexPipe Linepipe
Together with fast, simple installation thanks to its continuous, long-length spools and need for fewer connections, FlexPipe Linepipe (FPLP) helps monetize your operation’s production quickly. In addition, you’ll save on upfront costs versus steel or fiberglass and eliminate the need for welding, X-ray inspections, jeeping and costly corrosion inhibitor programs down the road.

Enhance the reliability and efficiency of your operation with FPLP:


Constructed from a winning combination of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), helically wound epoxy-free dry fiberglass and a protective outer jacket, FPLP avoids potential microcracking and material overstraining—significantly enhancing output and the life of your asset.

  • The HDPE inner liner serves as a conduit for transmission fluid and/or gas and is responsible for FPLP’s immunity to corrosion
  • The middle layer’s high-strength fiberglass fibers provide the pipe’s structural integrity
  • The thermoplastic outer jacket protects the integrity of the load-bearing fibers and defends the pipe against ultraviolent light for a minimum of 20 years. The jacket can be ordered in black, white for low heat absorption applications, and yellow for common utilities usages


Because it doesn’t require large crews, heavy equipment or significant environmental impact, FPLP can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional pipelines—bringing wells to production faster, enhancing on-site safety and reducing capital expenditures up to 35 percent compared to traditional steel.


Rather than rely on manual torque application with large wrenches, FPLP’s proprietary crimped connections utilize hydraulic regulation of crimping pressure, allowing crimper dies to move independently for variations in pipe wall thickness and a consistently leak-free connection.


Shawcor’s in-house applications engineers thoroughly review each job and provide educated product recommendations to ensure the best fit for your operation. Additionally, our local sales and service team ensures your pipe is delivered on your schedule, while our industry-leading contractor installation training gives our customers better control over project timing, cost and completion.

Linepipe Products


Available In:

2", 3" and 4" ID sizes
300, 750 and 1,500 psi pressure ratings
Reel-less packaging


Case Studies

FlexPipe Fiberglass Installation Project


FlexPipe Water Injection and Emulsion Project


Data Sheets

FlexPipe and FlexPipe High Temperature Data Sheet (English)


FlexPipe (Spanish)

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