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Providing the market's most reliable onshore linepipe for extreme environments with the capability to handle continuous service temperatures of 180°F (82°C), eliminate corrosion and install efficiently.

FlexPipe Linepipe High Temperature
FlexPipe Linepipe High Temperature
FlexPipe Linepipe High Temperature's (FPLP HT) winning construction of the highest-performing grade of HDPE-RT, helically wound epoxy-free dry fiberglass, and a protective outer jacket ensure the utmost in operational safety, reliability and performance for the long term. And with the same installation and anti-corrosion benefits as the original FlexPipe Linepipe, you’ll not only monetize production faster, but also continue performing efficiently and consistently in even the most extreme conditions.

Maximize your productivity in high-temperature environments with FPLP HT:


From its superior impact, abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance to its higher flow rates and leak-free connections, FPLP HT offers a higher standard of performance than any linepipe in its class. The impact resistance ensures there’s no need for sand padding, saving significantly on installation costs. And without the presence of epoxy, you’ll never experience microcracking.


FPLP HT’s lightweight pipe and reel allow for easier handling and smaller crew sizes, while our proprietary installation equipment controls pressure to ensure the same robust fitting connection. And with fire-resistant properties and lower stored energy levels in pipe coils, it—like all FlexPipe Linepipe products—offers a consistently outstanding record of safety.


Unlike other products that utilize a steel plate reinforcement design, our composite linepipe isn’t limited to sweet-service applications. In fact, FPLP HT is chemically compatible for oil and gas applications with H2S and CO2, and can successfully perform in sour-service applications up to 100,000 ppm H2S. In addition, it’s suitable for temperature excursions of 200°F (93°C) for 500 hours over the life of the pipeline, which allows for hot oiling operation as well as eliminates the need for cooling systems in cases where initial production fluids flow at a higher temperature.


Shawcor’s in-house applications engineers thoroughly review each job and provide educated product recommendations to ensure the best fit for your operation. Additionally, our industry-leading contractor installation training allows customers better control over project timing, cost and completion.

Linepipe Products

FlexPipe High Temperature

Available In:

2", 3", 4" and 5" ID sizes
Maximum operating pressure of 1,500 psi
Reel-less packaging


Case Studies

Evaporation Pond Project


FlexPipe High Temperature Water Distribution Project


Data Sheets

5" FlexPipe HT Data Sheet

FlexPipe and FlexPipe High Temperature (English)


FlexPipe High Temperature (Spanish)

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