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Lowering total installation and life-cycle costs with a wide variety of HDPE pressure pipe and liners constructed in North America.

Global Poly Linepipe
Global Poly Linepipe
Available in 3/4" to 24" IPS, our products offer significant technical and economic advantages, including ease of installation, reliability, flow assurance and lower total costs. Additionally, Shawcor manufactures to a variety of industry standards (AWWA, NSF, API, CSA and ASTM) allowing each polyethylene pipe product and HDPE liner to be customized to meet your specific application and objectives—from wall thickness to color and resin.


A new and improved bimodal HDPE resin with enhanced properties to allow for higher pressure ratings without compromising the pipe’s long-term properties.

PE2708 and PE2708 Plus
MDPE natural gas distribution piping available in a conventional uni-modal PE2708 resin or our bi-modal PE2708 Plus high-performance resin, which offers improved resistance to rapid cracking propagation (RCP) and exceptional slow crack growth (SCG). All resins meet the requirements of CSA B137.4.


Smooth wall liner provides high flow capacity with reduced friction and pressure loss, eliminates internal corrosion and chemical attack with our HDPE liners. Add years of continued service to older pipelines.

ShawPRO™ and ShawPRO HT™
Supplied by Shawcor’s Oilfield Asset Management group, ShawPRO can be used to line new or used tubing. Eliminate rod-on-tubing wear and corrosion on the ID of the tubing using our thermoplastic liners that are mechanically bonded to the ID of the tubing. Chemically inert and very durable, it also reduces rod torques and scale build-up.


We provide a broad array of pipe and liner products engineered and manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Oilfield, including oil and gas gathering systems and coalbed methane recovery
  • Pipe liner systems, such as free-standing and tight-fit liners
  • Gas distribution
  • Municipal water services
  • Trenchless installations
Linepipe Products

Global Poly

Available In:

3/4" to 24" IPS


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Global Poly


Product Data Sheet

Global Poly Product Data Sheet


ShawPRO Product Data Sheet

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