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Our Phoenix System adds secondary containment to a single-wall tank.

The Phoenix System is a unique product that allows owners of underground storage tanks to upgrade their existing steel or fiberglass single-wall tanks to secondarily contained tanks. The surrounding area and equipment are left undisturbed as a tank upgrade is completed without removing the tank from the ground.

The Phoenix System is an ideal solution when a single-wall tank needs to be upgraded to provide secondary containment. That includes converting a tank so that it is compatible with ethanol blends, biodiesels, ULSD and DEF.

Your Complete Solution

Xerxes can provide a complete solution for your project’s storage tank needs with a wide range of sizes and accessories. We also have an extensive network of equipment distributors and knowledgeable fuel-system installers throughout North America.


  • UL-listed (1856) and CAN/ULC-listed (S669)
  • 100% premium resin and glass (no fillers)
  • Corrosion-resistant inside and out
  • Secondary containment around full circumference of tank
  • 3D glass fabric (Parabeam®) bonds laminate walls for added strength
  • Customized to fit many existing tanks
  • Easy, quick installation with minimal site disturbance
  • Quicker upgrade alternative than tank replacement
  • Suitable for both fiberglass and steel tanks
  • Monitoring options – passive or continuous leak-detection systems
Fuel Storage Tanks
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