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Connection Systems

Combining the resources, expertise and technologies of DSG-Canusa and ShawFlex, we're able to offer a complete range of custom cable and advanced cable accessories to simplify installation and to protect your electrical systems.

By connecting, insulating, sealing and protecting the valuable assets and equipment systems of your operation, we assure the reliability of your electrical connectivity for a wide range of industrial processes over the lifespan of your installation. That reliability is what solves our customers’ toughest challenges, and it starts with a specialization in application engineering.


Heat shrink tubing products, accessories and equipment for protection and sealing in automotive applications.

Electrical Utility

Providing solutions for wire and cable and cable accessories products to the electrical utility market for over 50 years.


Offering an expanding range of solutions for the industrial market with our DSG-Canusa and ShawFlex brands.


Solutions for oil and gas and renewable energy markets in line with changing trends toward growth in emerging markets and clean energy.