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Sealing and protecting against corrosion with high-performance adhesive-lined heat shrink.

Adhesive-lined heat shrink is most frequently applied on terminals, connectors and splices to provide an environmental seal to prevent moisture ingress which can affect electrical performance and initiate corrosion.

Adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing is a dual-wall cross-linked polyolefin tube that is extruded with an inner layer of adhesive. Upon recovery of adhesive-lined heat shrink, the inner layer of adhesive will melt and flow, encapsulating and bonding to the substrate, providing an environmental seal against moisture.

When selecting adhesive-lined heat shrink, the following options and requirements need to be considered:

  • Shrink Ratio: 3:1, 4:1 or higher
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 125C
  • Flammability: Flame-retardant or non-flame-retardant
  • Fluid Resistance: Review aggressive fluids, like diesel, that are used in the application.
  • Component Design: Select a heat shrink tubing size that will fit over the component to be recovered and that has a recovered size that is smaller than the component's minimum dimension. To achieve an environmental seal, both product and process selection are critical. Please consult with Shawcor on component design so we can recommend the right product application equipment and process parameters.
  • Industry Specifications: UL, CSA and AS23053 are common specifications that must be met.

A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-IHKT


The DERAY®-IHKT shrink tubing, with its temperature-resistant polyamide adhesive inner lining, is ideal for protecting components in a wide range of electrical and mechanical applications where adhesion to connector and metal substrates is critical.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-IAKT


The DERAY®-IAKT product range of adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing, available both in black and clear, is an ideal solution for avoiding corrosion and for protecting parts from damage caused by stones and chippings. The tough outer jacket also prevents damage to the parts during installation, fastening or clamp fixing as well as during maintenance. Moreover, the heat shrink tubing does not separate from the pipes even when being bent.


A product preview image for Shawcor's ​CPA 300

​CPA 300

For ease of installation and long life in tough environments, CPA-300 excels in terminal installations with its 3:1 shrink ratio, high viscosity, low-creep adhesive and good strain-relief properties.

​Industrial OEM
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