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​Protecting cable assemblies and components from harsh environments.

Heat-shrinkable products are inherently resistant to many fluids used in heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, marine, defense and aerospace applications. However, as applications become more mission-critical and exposures to fluids become more extreme and advanced, specialized products are required to provide long-term fluid resistance. The DSG-Canusa product line from Shawcor's Connection Systems group provides many different products that can withstand exposure to these fluids, ranging from polyolefin products with resistance to basic fluids, and elastomeric and chlorinated polyolefin that can withstand long-term exposure, to diesel fluids that comply with VG, MIL and SAE requirements. Let us help you select the right product for your application and the combination of requirements that must be met.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-V 25 / DERAY®-V 25 TW

DERAY®-V 25 / DERAY®-V 25 TW

The product is available as well in a thinner walled version as DERAY®-V 25 TW, on request. It is ideal for use where space and weight saving are important.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-KY 175


This clear, thin-wall PVDF heat shrink tubing is ideal for electronic, automotive and military applications requiring protection and see-through inspection in aggressive environments.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-VT 220


This very flexible thin-wall fluoroelastomer heat shrink tubing is suitable for use in electronic systems and components in automotive, military/aerospace and industrial applications requiring outstanding heat and fluid resistance.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-PTFE


This product is a high-chemical and fluid-resistant polytetrafluorethylene. The extreme chemical inertness makes this product ideal for use in automotive applications.

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