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Providing heat shrink tubing with a thermoplastic interior adhesive lining to insulate, seal and protect splices in electronic assemblies.

Shawcor's heat shrink tubing is made of radiation cross-linked modified PE with a thermoplastic interior adhesive lining. Our splice-sealing products are specifically designed to seal and protect crimped-end and parallel splices against longitudinal water penetration. These adhesive-lined, flame-retardant and halogen-free products meet the industry requirements for environmental sealing with high resistance to thermal, chemical and mechanical stress. Our easy-to-use, in-house-designed application equipment portfolio for splice-sealing products completes the system.


A product preview image for Shawcor's ​DERAY®-SpliceMelt


Standard and custom sizes of SpliceMelt are frequently used to seal ring terminals and ground junctions. Its high shrink ratio, ample full-flowing adhesive, and OEM-approved status make it a natural for these tough applications.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®–SpliceMelt Cap

DERAY®–SpliceMelt Cap

DERAY®–SpliceMelt Cap is a splice-sealing adhesive-lined endcap with a 4:1 shrink ratio specifically designed for varying end or stub splices and configurations and substrate profiles. The product seals and protects against water, moisture and chemicals.

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