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​​Improving the reliability, efficiency ​and sustainability of industrial automation.

The modernized electrical grid utilizes analogue or digital information to improve the reliability, efficiency, economics and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity.

Through Shawcor's engineering expertise, all innovative design and top quality automation wire and cable products deliver ongoing reliability and efficiency, and play an even more important role in the current utility market. Ensuring reliable electrical and physical performance over long-term service, Shawcor cables have a proven track record of delivering dependable performance in the most demanding environments.

Shawcor automation products are available in CSA 150, 300, 600, and 1 kV or UL 300V and 600V, armored or unarmored tray cable, and many types of shielding options and jacket types.

CSA Unarmored Tray Fieldbus/Profibus PA (300/600V)

These utility cables are the ideal choice for applications that require an extra level of durability and noise protection in utility applications.


CSA ACIC Armored Thermocouple Extension (300V)

ShawFlex thermocouple extension cables offer advantages in cost and mechanical properties when used for connections between thermocouples and instruments.


UL PLTC Unarmored Instrumentation (300V)

These tray instrumentation cables can be used to minimize noise and signal interference by preventing crosstalk between pairs and triads. This cable can also be used to convey analogue or digital signals. Tray instrumentation cables can be installed in raceways, direct burial applications and in outdoor exposed industrial applications.


UL PLTC Unarmored Tray Fieldbus/Profibus PA | Pairs (300V)

Fieldbus is the Process Industries digital replacement for analog 4-20mA transmission of process variables. Depending mainly on the current requirement of each device, up to 32 sensors and actuators are possible on a Fieldbus link with a maximum transmission distance of 1900m.

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