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Providing leading solutions for heat shrink systems in the evolving automotive market.

In the automotive market, Shawcor utilizes expertise with radiation cross-linked polymers, environmental sealing techniques and process automation to provide unique solutions that deliver quality assurance, lowest total cost and unmatched performance.

Our DSG-Canusa automotive product line includes heat shrinkable tubing, adhesive-lined or single-wall, water-blocking materials, protection sleeves and caps, and application equipment to automate the shrink process. These products serve to insulate, seal and protect electronic components, wire, terminals, hoses and pipes, cables and splices. DSG-Canusa solutions can be off-the-shelf products or custom-designed heat shrink products or application equipment. Either way, we are committed to understanding the customer's application and recommending the right product, equipment and process, making every solution customer-specific.

We are a trusted global supplier with globally located design and manufacturing centers. With over 45 years of experience providing solutions to automotive customers, we are now being called upon to develop new technologies as the automotive industry quickly changes to address emerging needs for fuel efficiency, safety and autonomous vehicles.

Our global sales and application engineering teams work closely with our customers to address the new challenges from working with lighter-weight materials, new power distribution systems, electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems. We can quickly bring value to our customers due to our broad product line of heat shrink tubing and water-blocking solutions, our commitment to innovation, and our dedicated approach to validating solutions in-house and on the factory floor.

Please contact us to access our expertise and dedicated approach to customer solutions.

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