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Engineering and building high-performance shrink appliances in-house for standard machines as well as unique applications.

In addition to the standard heat shrink tubing product line, Shawcor provides a full range of technically advanced shrink appliances. Years of experience in processing heat shrink materials have resulted in the creation of a variety of processing devices, from a simple heat gun to high-performance shrink tunnels. Beyond the numerous standard machines, Shawcor constructs custom machines for unique applications.

The benefits of Shawcor-built application equipment include:

  • PLC automation to improve quality and costs, the driving force in the automotive market
  • High-quality build includes thick, heavy CNC'd baseplates, high-quality aluminum structure and stainless-steel guarding on heating chambers, and high-quality, name-brand internal components and heaters
  • Before and after-the-sale technical service for equipment selection, custom fixtures and field support

The DERAY®-Shuttle 240 / 60

The DERAY®-Shuttle 240 / 60 is a single table-top workstation and a semi-automatic shrinking device for sealing and insulating ultrasonically welded and crimped splice joints with cable lugs.


The DERAY®-WorkMan TP

The DERAY®-WorkMan TP is a semi-automatic bench-top hot air shrink appliance. It is used for the processing of heat shrinking products on wires, pipes and seat belt applications.


The DERAY®-PSP 240-S

The DERAY®-PSP 240-S shrinking machine is a semi-automatic unit designed to install and shrink splice-sealing products, with a maximum of 5 splices in one work operation, onto ultrasonically welded or crimped splice joints.


DERAY®-SpliceMan IR

DERAY®-SpliceMan IR is a semi-automatic unit with infrared heating elements, designed to seal and isolate ultrasonically welded and crimped splice joints.


DERAY®-Board-Workman TP ADE

DERAY®-Board-Workman TP ADE is a mobile shrink machine which is used on the cable board with a balancer. The appliance has been designed to seal and isolate ultrasonically welded and crimped-end splices on stationary and mobile cable boards in transfer lines.