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Insulating, sealing and protecting in-line and end splices in automotive wire harnesses and electronic assemblies with heat shrink solutions.

In automotive applications, DSG-Canusa products are used to seal over 500 million splices per year—the number one application in the automotive environment. As the manufacturer of DSG-Canusa products, Shawcor is one of the global leaders in this area due to our broad product line, application equipment and over 50 years of experience.

Our splice-sealing products are specifically designed to seal and protect electrical splices and components. These adhesive-lined, flame-retardant and halogen-free heat shrink products meet automotive industry requirements for environmental sealing. The high shrink ratio of our heat shrink tubes allows coverage of a wide range of multiple wire splices and component diameters, providing low-cost sealing solutions. Our easy-to-use, in-house-designed heat shrink application equipment portfolio for splice-sealing products completes the system.


A product preview image for Shawcor's ​DERAY®-SpliceMelt - Americas

​DERAY®-SpliceMelt - Americas

Standard and custom sizes of SpliceMelt are frequently used to seal ring terminals and ground junctions. Its high shrink ratio, ample full-flowing adhesive, and OEM-approved status make it a natural for these tough applications.


A product preview image for Shawcor's DERAY®-SpliceMelt Cap

DERAY®-SpliceMelt Cap

DERAY®-SpliceMelt Cap is a splice sealing adhesive lined endcap with a 4:1 shrink ratio specifically designed for varying end or stub splices and configurations and substrate profiles. The product seals and protects against water, moisture and chemicals.


A product preview image for Shawcor's ​CDR


This semi-rigid, dual-wall heat shrink tubing is designed to seal and environmentally protect splices in the most demanding applications.


A product preview image for Shawcor's CHPA


CHPA adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is specifically designed to insulate, seal and protect wire splices in under hood automotive wire harnesses and electronic assemblies.

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Automotive Catalog - for EMAR

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