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Providing OEM-approved solutions for your toughest end terminal sealing issues.

Shawcor has a complete suite of terminal-sealing products that work together to keep fluids out and extend service life of end terminals. From battery and ground connections to copper or aluminum conductors, we have products that solve your sealing problems for good. We take pride in our ability to present a full engineering solution, including application equipment, for your specific needs.


Standard and custom sizes of SpliceMelt are frequently used to seal ring terminals and ground junctions. Its high shrink ratio, ample full-flowing adhesive, and OEM-approved status make it a natural for these tough applications.



ACT is designed for aluminum and copper conductors to prevent galvanic corrosion. It has a specially designed jacket and low-moisture adhesive combined to stop galvanic corrosion in mixed-metal welded lugs to assure a long service life of your battery cables.



RKS is designed for sealing of anti-twist safe guards and tubular connectors. The wall thickness of the tube is reduced to cover these kinds of applications. The special modified adhesive avoids the milking of the objects at higher temperatures.



PressMelt offers the right amount of extra adhesive, just where you need it. It's a great addition to any difficult sealing situation with multiple wires or a large diameter mismatch in wire types.



SpliceMeltband offers adhesive melting tape with a strip of mastic that helps to seal applications with difficult configurations.



The DERAY®-MGT 5 system is a combination of an adhesive-lined heat shrink tube and the DERAY-SpliceMeltband, an adhesive melting tape, to allow the sealing of a large variety of terminal applications with a large number of wires.

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