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Providing heat and cold-shrink product solutions that offer a comprehensive range of environmental sealing products.

Medium and heavy-wall tubing is used in a variety of applications to seal and protect wire and cable connections. For general purpose sealing and cable re-jacketing applications, CFM, a medium-wall tubing, is available in expanded tube diameters up to 9.0 inches. Combined with the superior bonding properties of the hot-melt adhesive, CFM provides a watertight seal to cover the largest application range offered in the industry. Medium and heavy-wall tubing can be installed to prevent metal-on-metal surfaces from corrosion. Dual-wall tubing is used to prevent moisture ingress in all outdoor environments.


This medium-wall heat shrink tubing is suitable for a variety of low voltage electrical and mechanical applications where lighter weight and greater flexibility are important.



This heavy-wall heat shrink tubing provides maximum reliability for insulating and protecting cable joints and terminations.



This heavy-wall heat shrink tubing insulates and protects electrical splices and terminations where maximum flame retardancy and exceptional insulating and sealing characteristics are required.

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