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Serving as a valued manufacturer in the industry by providing a wide range of control cable gauge size and conductor counts.

Control cables are used everywhere in industrial manufacturing and processing applications, from petrochemical plants, water and waste water treatment plants, chemical processing facilities, food and beverage facilities, and general industrial control systems.

Shawcor offers a larger variety of control cables in both armored and unarmored, and many shielding and jacketing options, along with the complete range of gauge and conductor count—all delivering quality and reliable performance that has earned the trust of many industrial customers.

CSA TECK 90 Armored Control, Multi-Conductor (600V)

Unshielded armored control cable is used for operation of control automation equipment. Interlocked armor replaces the use of conduit for mechanical protection. This cable can be directly buried or installed in raceways, including cable tray in wet or dry environments. It is also suitable for use in outdoor exposed applications and is rated for damp or dry locations in -40°C (-40°F) environments.


UL Unarmored Tray Control, Multi-Conductor (600V)

Tray control cables are suitable for use in ventilated, non-ventilated and ladder-type cable trays, direct burial, raceways and for exposed or concealed wiring in wet, damp or dry locations in -40°C (-40°F) environments. Applicable for use in utility, industrial and commercial applications.

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