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Protecting substations with medium voltage covers.

As part of Shawcor's Connection Systems group, DSG-Canusa brand wildlife mitigation products help to protect substations from accidental contact with wildlife.

Medium voltage covers with excellent antitracking material characteristics protect overhead lines, substations and switchgear against accidental interaction from local fauna (birds or animals), flora (branches from trees) or weather (impacts of heavy winds and lightning storms).

Our product range comprises preformed covers, line covers, heat-shrinkable tubing and sheets which ensure durable protection of our customer assets and help reduce wildlife electrocutions and mortality.

Easy to install, our wildlife mitigation products offer solutions for various applications such as conductors, bushings and insulators, switches and cutouts, arresters and bus bars.



CCAPU is specially designed to cover and protect bushings and lightning arresters, standoff insulators, clamps and connections from wildlife. CCAPU is available in different designs and sizes to ensure a variety of different applications on energized lines. CCAPU helps to prevent electrical short-cuts on pole-mounted transformer bushings.



CCONEC protects clamps and branch connections on medium voltage installations. In combination with DSG-Canusa CMVBP, it insulates pole-down lines and bus bars on outdoor substations. These products are easy to install and ensure protection from flashovers caused by wildlife.