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Circulating air heating oven

The DERAY®-ACP-V is a circulating air heating oven with automatical collision detection. The shrink oven has two independent frames for the vertical, manual insertion of cables and multicore cable sets. The DERAY®-ACP-V is especially suited to insulate cables with connected plugs with thin wall heat shrink tubes without adhesive.

Features and Benefits

  • Temperature controlled circulating air heating system protects sensitive
    wire and connector materials
  • Circulating air heating ensures temperature stability in all zones and eliminates hot spots common with IR heating systems
  • Automatic calibration maintains reliable operation
  • Automatic collision protection to protect workers and prevent damage to cable assembly
  • Flexible design of mounting fixtures accomondates an endless range of configurations
  • Relationship with customers's CPU system through RS232 on request
  • Integrated cooling fans accelerate the cool down process to improve safety and overall process cycle times
  • Two independent mounting fi xtures and workstations allow heating and fitting cycles to occur at same time improving productivity
  • Adaptable frames can be designed for fi tting heat shrink tubes onto other cable diameters or plug housings
  • Automatic selection of process parameters when using optional barcode scanner
  • CE and RoHs conformity


Cables and multicore cables


The shrink oven DERAY®-ACP-V has two object frames for the manual insertion of cables. After one object frame was prepared, the shrinking process is being started by pressing the start button. The circulating air heating oven glides automatically over the object frame. Simultaneously, the operator can extract or prepare the application on the second object frame. After the shrinking process, the oven glides into its home position. Following the shrink process, a cooling time is activated and the applications are cooled by fans.

Order Information


Products / Sizes

  • DERAY-thin wall heat shrink tubing without adhesives, lengths: 10 - 50 mm

For other products and sizes contact DSG-Canusa Application Engineering

Scope of Delivery

  • ACP-V
  • 2 independent frames (Design to be determined after consultation)
  • Operating manual (DE, ENG, BG, FR, PL, RO)


  • Barcode scanner
  • Spiral cable
  • Calibration sensor

Product Properties

Electrical connection 1/N/PE AC 230 V 50-60 Hz
Electrical power consumption max. 2.0 kW
Rated current 7.8 A
Electrical fuse protection at the owner 16 A
Degree of protection IP20
Temperature of circulating air 180°C max. (356!°F max.)
Pneumatic connection 6-8 bar (90-115 psi)
Sound pressure level 60 dB(A)
Ambient temperature 10°C - 40°C (50°F - 113°F)
Dimensions and weight w 1,750 x h 970 x d 1,105 mm
w 68.9 x h 38.2 x d 43.5 in
250 kg (551 lbs)

Markets / Applications

    This product does not currently have any associated applications. Please check back at a later date.


Version: 01 2018/JAN/02
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Application Equipment Catalog

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